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Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
Season three, you just started and already you're done. Where did the time go? Oh wait, it disappeared into over a hundred hours of recording, editing, writing, proofing and posting material for the site.

This postcast has about five minutes of me thanking people at the end of it for helping support the website, so I'm not going to mention them all again here. I do think it's worth reiterating that the site is only as successful as the audience makes it. For CommanderCast this goes way beyond the realm of just having people look at the site; it's the e-mails I get with constructive criticism, the funny Tweets my Twitter Team throws at me, the comments posted on the site; all been great. But some of our audience takes it to the next level by providing written material, joining the podcast for a show, and hooking me up with free graphics and other materials or resources. It's become a true community project and that's for the best, because if I was doing this alone, it'd be mad shitty.

Season 4 approaches, and with it we move closer to our new website This is a hugely exciting development for us, and hopefully it will be for all of you as well. Bookmark that joint now and join me there on September 19th for the Season 4 Premiere.

That's all for three weeks, and the end of I hope you all make the transition to the new site with us and join us--as a consumer or contributor--again for another thirteen episodes of the continued audioscape adventure though MtG's premiere casual format.



00:00 to 06:22: Intro: It's a show and we are on it.


06:33 to 21:38: Free-For-All Roundtable: The Kokusho Case: This is Byron's jam. Kokusho, the Evening Star has been banned in Commander for around three years. For about a year, Byron has been calling for it's unbanning. Here, we're finally discussing the contentious issue of whether this card should be unbanned or not. What would it add to the environment? Has the recent unfettered escalation of creature's power left Kokusho in the dust?

21:50 to 50:44: The Best/worst Thing About Commander: In something we have oddly never discussed before, in this segment each host provides the reasons they like playing Commander and what they find problematic about the format. It's a simple premise that leads down some winding roads, with complex issues like the identity crisis of the format, the competitive/casual debate, and how the singleton restriction affects the format as a whole.

50:58 to 52:32: Community Spotlight: Three To The Face!!!: Instead of blurbing here, I've prepared a haiku: 

Calvin's blog, ballin'
Commander theme decks for days 
Check this hot fire out

I'm the GZA of the haiku game.


52:45 to 1:10:48: False Idols: "Life Gain Is Bad": The presence of life gain in a deck is often considered a flag indicating 'new player', 'bad player' or 'funny theme deck'. But this logic is typically ported-over from limited and 60-card constructed formats. Is the value of Life Gain different in multiplayer Commander? We examine the worth of this often-overlooked mechanic.


1:11:00 to 1:22:42: Lifegain Tech: In a follow-up on the value of life gain, here we're supplying a few cards that we've found useful to us personally in our quests to not die. There's no particular system behind these choices; they're just cards that have served us well.

Carlos' Picks:

Andy's Picks:

Byrons' Picks:

Donovan's Picks:

1:22:54 to 1:44:06: Curving Out: CMC 3: Arguably our simplest segment continues. Here we're examining one creature, one non-creature, and one miscellaneous card that you can use to occupy a 3 CMC cost slot in your deck. Each recommendation comes with an explanation of why we like the card, what it does, and why you should put it in your deck.

Donovan's Picks:

Andy's Picks:

Carlos' Picks:
Byron's Pick's Picks:

1:44:18 to closing: Outtro.

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  1. Did anyone notice that Arbiter of Knollridge is a pun? (He's a giant wizard, so obviously he is full of "Knollridge.") Seriously, say it out loud.

  2. So, I was in the middle of building my first EDH deck ever just now while listening to this (first episode ever of this) podcast. Blue Black White, Ertai, Corrupted Wizard commander with swords to plowshares, and path to exile. The 2 cards you were referring to as being in EVERY white commander deck as a way of dealing with things like kokusho LOL.