Music of CommanderCast

I've had a few people ask me, "Hey Andy, tell me what song you played at this transition or I'll kill you". It provides a compelling reason to make this page. If you've ever wondered what I'm pumping between segments, here's an index of all the music I use. I stick to instrumentals exclusively because you don't need more voices coming at you during our show, we're already more than you can bear most of the time I'd imagine.

CommanderCast Theme:
The Pharaos - Mission Bucharest
Season Finale Theme:
Half Minute Hero OST - Title Theme
DJ Premier/Nas - Nas Is Like

Community Topics:
I like the surf and blues type of music for the Community segment. It's just some good music to lay down while you're chilling in a sick drum circle, smoking up. That's the kind of vibe the Community segments should have if you ask me. Of course, the Roundtable is an exception, but then the Fight to the Death music from the original Star Trek was just too money to pass up.

Free For All Roundtable:
Star Trek OST - Amok Time Fight Music
Community Spotlight:
The Pharaos -The Pharaos Theme
Community Discussion:
Milt Buckner - The Beast
The Pharaos - Investigation
Contest Stuff:
The Pharaos - Mission Bucharest

Strategy Topics:
I don't know anything about orchestral music other than the fact that it's pretty awesome. Strategy felt like it should have something of a military vibe, and this kind of music gives that off in my mind. I pull all my orchestral stuff from video games and cartoons because it's what I do know.

Main Strategy Theme:
Z Gundam Orchestral Suite - Z Gundam
Archetype Rundown:
Valkyria Chronicles OST - Title Theme + Main Theme
Legendary Plays: 
Ace Combat 6 OST - Liberation of Gracemeria
False Idols:
Char's Counterattack OST - V Gundam Theme
Alt. Format Strategy:
Mobile Suit Gundam Orchestral Suite - Sky High! 

Technology Topics:
For the Technology stuff I went in on some of my favourite beats. I don't know how much of the MtG demographic actually listens to any hip-hop but I would hope they can at least appreciate these instrumentals. In case you can't tell I am a total 90s hip-hip head. It's not that I don't like new stuff, but... the beats aren't really on point anymore if you ask me. DJ Premier is untouchable, the only person who comes close is RZA.

Secret Tech:
Beastie Boys - An Open Letter to NYC
Retro Cycle Review:
Big L - Size 'Em Up
DJ Premier/Rakim - When IB On Tha Mic
General Technology:
DJ Premier/Gangstarr - You Know My Steez
DJ Premier/M.O.P. - Ante Up
Deck Construction Challenges:
Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.
Break My Card:
Dead Prez - Hell Yeah