Sunday, November 28, 2010

CommanderCast Episode 05: Fight Against Fate!

Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
This week's CommanderCast was released despite the resistance of DESTINY ITSELF. Byron? Dead. Or busy with family. Something like that. Our planned guest host, Carlos (one of our very first listeners)? Technical problems struck him down while I listened. Things were looking pretty grim. I was ready to throw in the towel when like a total 80s action hero, my man Adam aka Fugu rappelled INTO MY INTERNET and saved you all from an incredibly boring hour of me droning on by myself. Wicked awesome!

Then my computer corrupted the entire podcast we recorded. Everything was going against this podcast existing at all. However, Adam continued to be a superhero and swept in to save me, recording a second podcast less than 24 hours after the first time. He is the only reason this is being released and for that I am super grateful.

Keep in mind our Generals Remixed contest is still going on; you have until the sixth episode to get your submissions in. Let's see what you can do. We've received some very cool entries. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to design a card for us.

Show notes and links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 00:00: Intro. Introductions of your hosts; Andy mentions the mid-week update and Generals Remixed contest. E-mail shoutouts and Andy gives ups to the University of Toronto MtG group for inviting him to play with them.

00:00 to 00:00: Community: Hypercreatures Theory. Adam presents his theory on Hypercreatures and their impact on EDH. For examples of Hypercreatures, see Emrakul, Kokusho, Sundering Titan, and Iona. We cover the definition, effect on games, the ban list, and social regulation. This spawned from Adam's recent thread on Hypercreatures at the 'official' EDH forums.

00:00 to 00:00: Strategy: Colour Responsibilities. When you take your slices of the colour pie for a deck, you get the right to tap into it's powers... but does that come with responsibilities? We look at the concept of 'expectations' attached to the different colours and their roles, what happens when you break ranks, and the overall influence of playing by colour in a multiplayer EDH context.

00:00: to 00:00: Technology: Retro Cycle Review: Prophecy Avatars. In a new feature, we will be examining an 'old' (flexibly defined) cycle of cards from a past set and give them another look. The cycle is then ranked in terms of usefulness in EDH from best to worst be each commentator. This week, we are looking at the Prophecy Avatars of Fury, Hope, Might, Will, and Woe.

00:00 to closing: Outro. Let us know your thoughts. New content on the way! Get in touch with us with the contact information below.

  •  General show contact: CommanderCast(at)gmail(dot)com
  • To E-Mail Andy: CommanderCast(at)gmail(dot)com 
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mid-Week Update: November 24

Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
The Thursday update is here. Deal with it! This week's update consists solely of Andy's short video on graveyard hate in EDH and some cards you should consider for your deck. We spend a lot of time harping on it but it's worth mentioning again, especially for the newer players in our audience.

Also, don't forget our ongoing Generals Remixed contest. It's going down RIGHT NOW. The altered art from Sandreline is on the line! We've received a few interesting entries already. I can't wait to see what else gets sent our way.

Embedded player below. You can also download the clip in MP3 format, if you so desire, right here.

Monday, November 22, 2010

CommanderCast Episode 04: ME GET MANA

Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
This week's CommanderCast has the usual team hooking up with a third man; guest hosting this week we have Donovan aka d0su from the MtGS forums. Together the three of us roll out seventy five minutes of EDH discussion covering a variety of topics from Portal Three Kingdoms generals to the REAL reasons people view Red as a weak colour in EDH.

Keep in mind we are still very much trying to build up the EDH community online to make it as vibrant and productive as it's brother formats. To this end, if you have something to say--or know somebody who does--about EDH, get in touch with us. As usual, we're always looking for guest hosts and interviewees as well.

Show links and notes below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 05:33: Introduction. Meet our man d0su, Andy hypes the mid-week updates and we respond to listener mail.

05:48 to 11:55: Community Pt. 1: The Free-For-All-Roundtable. This week we fight to the death over Poison in EDH. The survivor resurrects the other commentators after, but I edited that out because it's kinda boring actually.

11:58 to 21:04: Community Pt. 2: Andy's SUPER SECRET announcement (secret)!: What could it be? How will all four of our listeners react? Is Andy just on Peyote? Listen in to find out! If you want to be lame and not listen you can also just skip to the links at the end of the show notes :(

21:05 to 29:12: Community Pt. 3: Community Spotlight: The week's highlight is this video (NSFW, lots of profanity in it, but profanity just represents how real things get when you're arguing about EDH).  If you need to dodge profanity, avoid listening from 22:02 to 23:57. Yeah, that's it. But seriously, we want to hear from you about good EDH-related media on the web. Hell, we want you to start writing, recording, and whatnot! Get in touch with us if you run a blog, vlog, etc. We want to bring attention to things people might overlook.

29:32 to 50:08: Strategy: Red Doesn't Necessarily Suck : We provide a rundown on why we consider red in EDH underrated instead of just crappy. Includes some choice cards, strategies, and a whole lot of discussion on land destruction.

50:53 to 66:17: Technology Pt. 1: SECRET TECH: d0su puts us on blast with his secret tech.

Donovan's Picks:
Common: Lignify, Flux, Icefall

66:25 to 75:01: Technology Pt. 2: Over/Under. Is this guy trolling? Andy claims Mind's Eye, beloved by EDH players everywhere, is overrated and instead hypes it's underachieving loser sibling, Farsight Mask. Can he justify it, or does he deserve a swift crowbar to the ear? You decide!

75:10 to 85:50: Technology Pt. 3: Wrexial Project. A quick update on the status of the ongoing $30 Wrexial deck's construction. Keep the ideas coming if you have any more. The deck is really shaping up nicely.

85:55 to closing: Outtro.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mid-Week Update: November 18th

 Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
Andy and Byron UPPERCUT YOUR MID-WEEK BOREDOM with two new video shorts. This week on CommanderCast Shorts, Andy gives you the first Deckbuilder's Spotlight. This new series has Andy discussing EDH decks with their architects, both locally and abroad. To kick off the series he hosts Joz from the 'official' EDH message board, who is making it rain cards with his mono-blue Rayne, Academy Chancellor deck.

Meanwhile, Byron is delivering another vlog. This week's offering discusses the value of 1-for-1 cards in EDH and why they are important to include in your deck.

YouTube videos are embedded below. Andy's interview with Joz is also available by direct download in MP3 format.

Download the interview with Joz in MP3 RIGHT HERE.


Monday, November 15, 2010

CommanderCast Episode 03: Guest Host Takeover!

Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
CommanderCast's Third Strike is upon us! We couldn't have made it this far without people out there putting up with us so huge thanks to all our listeners. Please keep the feedback coming, positive, negative, or in between. We especially love getting your e-mails. Also be advised we are continually trolling the cold, loveless void of the information superhighway for good EDH content, commentators and discussion, so if you find one point us in the right direction, we'd hugely appreciate it!

In this podcast Andy and Byron's voices are accompanied by not one, but TWO very special guest hosts.
  • Zimagic aka Owen, our man from "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bombs" and regular contributor on the EDH forums. Thought-provoking Blogger; lives in France, which is pretty rad. Lycanthrope (probably). 
  • Fugu aka Adam from the EDH forums, the ONLY man bold enough to put 80s shades on Emrakul. Grabbed my attention with his proposal to cut tutors from your EDH deck. Potential replacement for Daniel Craig in the next Bond movie.
Hopefully you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed podcasting with them!

As an aside, this was an adventure fraught with pit traps and hissing cobras, if pits and cobras were technical problems and difficult editing. I apologize in advance for issues with sound level fluctuations, especially with Byron's mic which decided to be difficult like five minutes before we started recording.

Show links and notes below. Enjoy.


00:13 to 05:46: Introduction. Meet our guest hosts, Fugu and Zimagic; brief overview of some recent updates; and Andy discusses listener e-mails.

05:52 to 10:20: Community Segment Pt. 1: Free-for-all Roundtable: SUNDERING TITAN. A debate on the value of Sundering Titan in EDH. Each host presents their own perspective and then we engage in a roundtable debate.

10:30 to 23:56: Community Segment Pt. 2: Cut Your Tutors (...?). An expansion on Fugu's topic on the EDH community boards about cutting your tutors from decks, the effect they have on games, and why you might want to consider axing them from your own piles of cardboard.

10:30 to 28:44: Community Spotlight Pt. 3: Spotlight: "The Command Zone".

29:00 to 47:06: Strategy Segment: Who to Attack First? A strategy discussion on target priority, cultivating potential allies, and how to focus attacks. Multiplayer fiends only need apply. How different decks need to arrange their attacks and focus their damage and cards.

47:20 to 69:47: Technology Segment: SECRET TECH. The triumphant return of SECRET TECH! Our most requested segment is BACK IN YOUR FACE! Owen and Adam open their brains up (in a non-surgical way) and let you in to see their underused gems .

Owen's Picks:
Common: None, Owen has no time for such peasant garbage.
Uncommon: Avarice Totem, Seedguide Ash, Stonecloaker
Rare: Hallowed Burial, Portcullis, Cloudstone Curio

Adam's Picks:
Common: Cremate, Strider Harness, Aether Spellbomb
Uncommon: Junktroller, Ovinize, Predict
Rare: Heat Shimmer, Scout's Warning, Tsabo's Decree

73:46 to closing: Outtro.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Video Content Now Available!


Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
Check this out homeslices! A double-dose update with enough content to keep even the twitchiest EDH fiends satisfied until our next cast. In the world premiere of his piss-poor video editing and production skills, Andy gives out some (questionable) advice on including a Land Destruction package in your EDH decks to cover one of it's potential blind spots. Then Byron is back with another vlog, this time SMOTHERING the subject of excessive fast mana production TO DEATH... in a good way.

Follow the links or view these videos in our fancy embedded player. Andy's LD Package content is also available in MP3 for those looking to listen in on a mobile device or whatevs.

If you would like to download CommanderCast Shorts: Land Destruction Packages in MP3 format, CLICK RIGHT HERE.

Monday, November 8, 2010

CommanderCast Episode 02: Bad Players and Crazy People

Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS

What's this? A second episode? Andy's computer hasn't melted down yet, which can only mean more CommanderCast! Thanks to everyone to listened to us the first time around and welcome to everyone who is just joining us.

This episode, our Community segment covers the theory of the Axis of Interactivity. For Strategy, Byron provides a commentary on "rattlesnake" type cards and their applications in EDH. Finally, in Technology, your hosts review General selection and what makes a general a viable decision to lead your deck.

Show links and notes below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 05:04: Introduction. Updates on the show, e-mail shoutouts, and Andy apologizes for his sub-par editing.

05:14 to 23:56: Community Segment: Axis of Interactivity. Byron and Andy discuss the theory of the 'Axis of Interactivity' and how it relates to EDH. The discussion explores why different groups take enjoyment in different types of games, why different playstyles might clash, and how personal expectations may not meet in the middle with a playgroup's collective style."

23:57 to 28:44: Community Spotlight: Bennie Smith's You Lika Tha Juice? Altered Expectations". Another great article by Bennie Smith, not exclusively EDH, but with a very interesting opening segment on what is realistic to expect from other players.

29:00 to 47:06: Strategy Segment: Rattlesnake Cards. Byron explores "rattlesnake" cards and their value and applications in EDH. When is an intimidating effect as useful as something more direct? What are the strengths and weaknesses of rattlesnake cards and strategies, and how much can you really deter your opponent? Also a look at the mind games of EDH games and political machinations.

47:20 to 69:47: Technology Segment: General Viability. Andy and Byron debate what eliminates a general from the running as a worthwhile choice. Factors like converted mana cost, impact to cost, colours, and even power creep figure into the discussion. When should you start looking at another general for the same deck? What is the balance between a deck running a general well against relying on it too much?

70:00 to 73:43: Technology Segment: Wrexial Project. Andy solicits help on his budget deckbuilding project in constructing a deck for his main man, Wrexial, the Risen Deep.

73:46 to closing: Outtro.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

CommanderCast Episode 01: PREQUELS INCOMING

Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
 In their first episode Andy and Byron manage to stumble like piss-drunk sorority pledges though almost two hours of EDH discussion. Listen and berate them at your leisure! As our first podcast we appreciate any feedback you can get to us, and are very interested in fostering community involvement. If you would like to guest host, have an interesting piece of EDH writing or media somewhere on the web, or like yelling into a mic and pretending to be important, you've come to the right place.

Show links and notes below. Enjoy.

>>>>>>     Download the file directy!    <<<<<<

00:00 to 01:55: Host introductions. Get to know Andy and Byron, even though you have no interest (probably).

01:56 to 06:19: Podcast introduction. A rundown of why we started the podcast and what we plan to do with it.

06:20 to 30:21: Community Segment. We examine the place of the Rules Committee ban list, local play group ban lists, the ups and downs of variations on both, and general thoughts on bannings, consistency of rules, and how universal a format EDH really is.

30:22 to 32:08: Community Spotlight. Zimagic's EDH Blog at EDH or "How I learned to stop worrying and love the bombs." An outstanding EDH blog, give it a look!

32:22 to 71:13: Strategy Segment: Questions and Answers (following baller-ass orchestral introduction). A scatter shot look at different threats and outside-the-box attack angles and how to prepare your decks for them. Topics of discussion include spot land destruction, graveyard hate, and some other corner case questions and answers.

71:22 to 98:47: Technology Segment: SECRET TECH. Andy and Byron each give 3 commons, uncommons, and rares that they see as being under-represented in the format. Andy looks like a dick since half the cards he chooses are apparently super popular. Byron escapes unscathed.
Byron's Sick Ass Picks:
Commons: Dreamscape Artist, Fertilid, Recoil
Uncommons: Saltblast, Enslave, Wilderness Elemental
Rares: Omen of FireBrooding Saurian, Conquering Manticore
Andy's Half Ass Picks: 
Commons: Mystic RemoraSprouting VinesDevout Witness
Uncommons: Voidmage Husher, Shatterstorm, concur about Enslave
Rares: Cauldron of Souls, Spitting Image, Cabal Conditioning

98:48 to 113:41: Technology Segment: Over//Under. Byron gives a critical look to Kresh the Bloodbraided as a widely popular general, pointing out why you might want to leave your bloodthirsty barbarian at home. He then gives our main man and lord of turbulent waters Wrexial, the Risen Deep some shine. Be warned: level of praise approaches bromance (I think he's a guy anyway).

113:42 to closing: Outtro. Giving out some contact information.

  • General Show Contact:
  • To E-Mail Andy: (complaints here)
  • To E-Mail Byron: (praise here)