Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mid-Week Update: November 24

Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
The Thursday update is here. Deal with it! This week's update consists solely of Andy's short video on graveyard hate in EDH and some cards you should consider for your deck. We spend a lot of time harping on it but it's worth mentioning again, especially for the newer players in our audience.

Also, don't forget our ongoing Generals Remixed contest. It's going down RIGHT NOW. The altered art from Sandreline is on the line! We've received a few interesting entries already. I can't wait to see what else gets sent our way.

Embedded player below. You can also download the clip in MP3 format, if you so desire, right here.


  1. Good stuff, good stuff. For some reason, I always forget about Gaea's Blessing. Thanks for discussing it.

    As far as blue graveyard hate is concerned, I'm surprised you didn't mention any effects like Time Spiral. It can be really difficult for a recursion-based deck to get ahead when graveyards and hands keep getting reset. Plus, draw 7's are awesome. =D

  2. The most annoying use of Relic of Progenitus is to protect graveyards from Puppeteer Cliques, Wrexials, Geths, and the like. Save your own graveyard, or help out a buddy who's about to be plundered by the Kraken!

  3. I've found perhaps the only disadvantage of Phyrexian Furnace is that it forces everyone to keep their graveyards in the same order. Now, admittedly, by rule everybody should be doing this anyway since cards like Furnace are legal in Commander, but most of the time people don't care. I actually had one game where I got beaten down until I sacrificed the Furnace just b/c people wanted to sort their graveyards. Just a thought.