CommanderCast Personnel

I am the show's primary host. I also produce the show and do all the editing, post it, and whatnot. The technical side is done by me and I leave most of the worthwhile discussion to my wonderful co-hosts. My role on the show is primarily that of a moderator. I am also probably one of the most casual players on the planet. On the show I just keep it real and run my mouth about Commander and am surprised people bother to listen. I rep Toronto, Ontario so you know I'm getting crunk off maple syrup and lumberjacking the shit out of igloos all day.

To get hold of me, e-mail me at CommanderCast(at)gmail(dot)com, Tweet me @CommanderCast, or leave a comment around here.

One of the benefits of being the guy who runs the show is I get to write the bios for my team from my perspective. Observe:

I don't remember exactly how Byron and I hooked up. Someday, there will be an origin story comic about the podcast (maybe a sweet Mark Millar reboot where I'm a heroin addict and he's a psychopath OMG SO GRITTY), so for now we'll say I bumped into him fighting internet crime and we formed a sick-ass team. Byron is my competitive commentator on the show and is a pretty competent player. He also is the curator of the Top 50 Cards per Colour list, and can be found doing his thing on YouTube as well. 

Byron can be reached by e-mail at surgingchaos19(at)gmail(dot)com, or you can put his Twitter feed in your scope over @SurgingChaos.
     ADAM aka FUGU 
    Adam and I managed to connect over the forums at because in my view he is the forward-thinking, ahead of his time, philosopher king of EDH. Adam is kind of like a combination of Carl Sagan, Bobby Fischer and a normal guy who likes Commander a lot (but mostly, the last part). He is a theoretical guy and that's his biggest part in the podcast. You can check out his writings in his article series Compulsive Research. Adam is repping Memphis with a mean gangsta lean.

    If you have a burning question for Adam or just want to send him some money, you can hit him up at adnelso(at)gmail(dot)com or optionally, Tweet him @MagicFugu.
      Stephen was a very early listener to the show and before I knew it, he was writing articles for the website. This spawned from an e-mail correspondence where he recognized the music introducing the strategy segment as the orchestral theme from Zeta Gundam. Stephen's article series, Hippo Genocide, is a variety column where he writes about whatever is on his mind. When he has something to say, he says what he means without sugar coating his words and whether I agree or not, the results entertain. Interestingly, Stephen has repeatedly turned down offers to come onto the podcast because he's an "argumentative asshole".

      If you want to get in touch with Stephen, you can holler at him at  hippogenocide(at)gmail(dot)com.
        Jeremiah is pretty much my main internet mans. He has been listening since episode one and the first time we touched base, he was basically telling me to stop swearing so much (I like to think I was doing pretty ok). After doing a Deckbuilder's Spotlight with Jeremiah, he ended up on the podcast and never left... like a dirty squatter, only more insightful about Commander than the average vagrant. He probably smells better though I can't confirm this. Jeremiah and I bounce a lot of ideas off each other for the site because he works like all the time so he's always online. He now swears as frequently or more often than I do on the podcast. He also referenced some terribly scatological things in the season one finale, so things have come full circle I guess. 

        You can e-mail Jeremiah(at)s1group(dot)com or Tweet him @HundredCardHero.
           DONOVAN aka d0su
          Ahhh, Donovan. Byron got me in touch with this guy, saying he was a savage BEAST when it comes to EDH. He is... but you can't tell because he is without a doubt the most well-mannered individual on the podcast. Donovan is a casual player who builds super-powerful decks, which is kind of an oxymoron, but he pulls it off like Bond does a tux. He speaks expertly on playing super-annoying strategies without annoying your play group. Donovan also sports an excellent accent which, depending on who you ask, can be used to deflect bullets.

          Donovan can be reached at donokun(at)gmail(dot)com. He's also over on Twitter as @d0su.

          Carlos was my cornerman when I was fighting for a middleweight boxing title back in the early 2000s. That's not true. He actually sent us our first listener e-mail though back in the days when I thought the only person who would listen to CommanderCast would be my mom (who is also cool). He got more involved with the show via e-mails, made an appearance, and suddenly started spewing articles on deckbuilding from every digital orifice. These collective spewings are now known as The Arcane Lab, a series where Carlos helps you build a deck. This guy is a deckbuilding maniac. When I ask what he's doing, he gives me one of two responses: "Building a deck" or "Thinking about building a deck". That's what he does on the show, too... he's a deckbuilding guy.

          If your deck needs some doctoring, ship a list off the the Arcane Lab at cag5383(at)gmail(dot)com. Let my man do some surgery and we'll see what beast emerges. If you just need to drop him a quick line, the his Twitter account of @cag5358 should suffice.


          Matt is an editing machine. Like, literally. I have no proof he's a real man, other than this photo, and I'm confident some kind of editing machine with advanced enough programming could have ripped this photo somewhere from the internet in an attempt to convince me it's human. But either way, it's cool, because when it comes to editing, Matt is literally an unstoppable force. You can send him a piece of shit written in Klingon and he'll convert it into a perfectly usable English article.

          If you need to e-mail Matt because you want to pay him to do high-quality editing, e-mail him at

          Randy is another editing guy who is also the first cartoon character involved in the show. How significant is this? Hard to say, since it's probably not true. What is significant is the excellence in editing Randy brings to the table for CommanderCast's articles. Thankfully, he agrees to provide this excellence at no cost. This makes me feel guilty because the work he's doing is ridiculously high-quality, but I had better take advantage of it while he's still available instead of getting paid in Cristal and Hookers by some big editing firm (are those real things?).

          If you need to e-mail Randy because you want to pay him to do high-quality editing, e-mail him at