Listener Interaction

Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS

We post contact information a lot, but redundancy never hurts, so here's how you can interact with the show. Since this is the best thing about doing the podcast by far, I really like to emphasize that if you have ANYTHING on your mind, don't hesitate to e-mail me or the goons about it. We're just here to have a discussion, after all. Thanks to the miracle of the webtertrons, there's a lot of ways to communicate with us. Feel free to employ any listed below.


This is the easiest way to get ahold of any of us, and will pretty much guarantee a fast response.

  • CommanderCast(at)gmail(dot)com: This is the primary e-mail for the show, and puts you in contact with me (Andy) as well. Ideas for the podcast, website, content submissions, WHATEVER--send it here.
  • surgingchaos19(at)gmail(dot)com: This is Byron's e-mail address.
  • adnelso(at)gmail(dot)com: This is Adam's e-mail address.
  • cag5383(at)gmail(dot)com: This is Carlos' e-mail. Arcane Laboratory stuff goes here.
  • jeremiah(at)s1group(dot)com: This is Jeremiah's e-mail address.
  • donokun(at)gmail(dot)com: This is Donovan's e-mail address.
Despite being super-lame, we all use Twitter now. Don't tell anybody, it's kind of embarrassing.
  • @CommanderCast for Andy
  • @SurgingChaos for Byron
  • @MagicFugu for Adam
  • @cag5383 for Carlos
  • @hundredcardhero for Jeremiah
  • @d0su for Donovan
Mail bombs!
Wait, forget that one...

We can collectively be found creeping both on's forums and's EDH forums. We don't all frequent both forums. I don't really go to either one much anymore.


Like the show and want to write in, but not sure what to say? Well, you can just lay some praise on me and I'll take it... but it's also super useful to get constructive feedback and input. So here's some stuff you can always hit me up about:
  • The latest Break My Card could always use some extra breaking on Twitter.
  • We are always looking for suggestions for the next Entourage segment, where you suggest an underplayed Commander and we build a skeleton around them for a functional deck.
  • Got some off the chain stuff going down in your games? Legendary Plays can always use some more stories.
  • If we're running a contest, you can always enter that!
  • Carlos' Arcane Laboratory article series is fueled by your decklists. Send them to him.
  • Are you running some undiscovered EDH blog, YouTube channel, or similar content? Have you been running it for a while? Then send it to me and we'll likely hit it up with our Community Spotlight segment.
  • Give us something to fight over on the Free-For-All Roundtable.
  • We can always use listener-submitted subjects for discussion in general.
 In terms of general feedback, here's stuff that helps improve the show:

  • If a segment sucks, you have to tell me or it will probably keep running. Actually, if ANYTHING sucks, you have to tell me or it probably won't go away. I can't tell what people do and don't like sometimes.
  • What stuff do you want more of? Less of?
  • Who would you like to see on the show, and what do you want them talking about?
  • What kind of peripheral content would you like to see less/more of? Did you like stuff like the Deckbuilder's Spotlight, or do you prefer text?
CommanderCast is a community-oriented venture. My goal when I started this podcast one week because I was bored was to make sure I was running some kind of media that was widely accessible. Towards this end, I've tried really hard to accommodate anybody who has an interest in helping out with the show. The offers I have received have been beyond generous. My posse was entirely formed by regular dudes who just kind of got caught up in the show. There's no fancy qualifications, no entrance exams, or anything. 
So, do YOU want to come on the show? Well, we're all pretty qualified, so you have to match our lofty credentials of microphone ownership, Skype installation, ability to barely speak coherent English and liking EDH. But seriously, I'd be happy to have you on the show but there needs to be a reason for you to be there. Also, we have a LOT of requests for this now, way more than can possibly be accommodated, so I can't realistically feature everyone who wants to appear on the weekly program. Only I get a free pass.

But wait! We do more than just podcast! Articles, video, underground fight clubs, and more are on the way courtesy of CommanderCast. Every week we feature a mid-week update where we post an article, then often some other content like a YouTube video and links to our friends and family in the Commander community. I really do want to make sure if you are out there doing something totally sweet, you are getting the shine you deserve. If you are producing something Commander-related, you have to let me know about it, and I will likely be pimping it within a week or so (maybe longer if I'm backed up or have a bout of forgetfulness).

If you aren't independently doing work, but have an interest in joining the CommanderCast team, I want your help for all kinds of stuff. They are not all glamorous jobs, but trust me, neither is sitting in front of a computer watching squiggly lines representing chatter for three hours while you edit a podcast. These are all things that would be TREMENDOUSLY helpful to have help with:
  • Authors. Do you like writing about Commander? Well, it appears we may have a reason to team up.
  • Podcasters. Do you have any interest of your own in producing an audio-format Commander thingy? Well, perhaps we have something in common.
  • Vloggers. YouTube is pretty rad. I used to make videos, but now I'm hurting for time. I would love to keep having YouTube stuff on the front page... can you help there?
  • Artists. Have you seen our banner? For God's sake help me.
  • Editors. How good is your grasp of English? Well, it's almost surely better than mine. I would like to have you edit our articles.
  • Prooflisteners. Would you like to get advance copies of CommanderCast, complete with embarassing editing errors and awkward silences left in? Then this is the position for you.