Monday, November 22, 2010

CommanderCast Episode 04: ME GET MANA

Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
This week's CommanderCast has the usual team hooking up with a third man; guest hosting this week we have Donovan aka d0su from the MtGS forums. Together the three of us roll out seventy five minutes of EDH discussion covering a variety of topics from Portal Three Kingdoms generals to the REAL reasons people view Red as a weak colour in EDH.

Keep in mind we are still very much trying to build up the EDH community online to make it as vibrant and productive as it's brother formats. To this end, if you have something to say--or know somebody who does--about EDH, get in touch with us. As usual, we're always looking for guest hosts and interviewees as well.

Show links and notes below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 05:33: Introduction. Meet our man d0su, Andy hypes the mid-week updates and we respond to listener mail.

05:48 to 11:55: Community Pt. 1: The Free-For-All-Roundtable. This week we fight to the death over Poison in EDH. The survivor resurrects the other commentators after, but I edited that out because it's kinda boring actually.

11:58 to 21:04: Community Pt. 2: Andy's SUPER SECRET announcement (secret)!: What could it be? How will all four of our listeners react? Is Andy just on Peyote? Listen in to find out! If you want to be lame and not listen you can also just skip to the links at the end of the show notes :(

21:05 to 29:12: Community Pt. 3: Community Spotlight: The week's highlight is this video (NSFW, lots of profanity in it, but profanity just represents how real things get when you're arguing about EDH).  If you need to dodge profanity, avoid listening from 22:02 to 23:57. Yeah, that's it. But seriously, we want to hear from you about good EDH-related media on the web. Hell, we want you to start writing, recording, and whatnot! Get in touch with us if you run a blog, vlog, etc. We want to bring attention to things people might overlook.

29:32 to 50:08: Strategy: Red Doesn't Necessarily Suck : We provide a rundown on why we consider red in EDH underrated instead of just crappy. Includes some choice cards, strategies, and a whole lot of discussion on land destruction.

50:53 to 66:17: Technology Pt. 1: SECRET TECH: d0su puts us on blast with his secret tech.

Donovan's Picks:
Common: Lignify, Flux, Icefall

66:25 to 75:01: Technology Pt. 2: Over/Under. Is this guy trolling? Andy claims Mind's Eye, beloved by EDH players everywhere, is overrated and instead hypes it's underachieving loser sibling, Farsight Mask. Can he justify it, or does he deserve a swift crowbar to the ear? You decide!

75:10 to 85:50: Technology Pt. 3: Wrexial Project. A quick update on the status of the ongoing $30 Wrexial deck's construction. Keep the ideas coming if you have any more. The deck is really shaping up nicely.

85:55 to closing: Outtro.

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1 comment:

  1. I think land destruction is a matter of taste.

    I disagree with the part where you compare land destruction to counterspells. In one on one, land destruction and counterspells can both be griefer strategies that prevent your opponent from doing anything. In multiplayer, counterspells are much more benign. They are usually one-for-ones or possibly cantrips. They rarely do more than stop one big spell or creature, much like a Doom Blade or Smash would do. It's rare that there are several huge spells on the stack at once so a counterspell player does not usually ruin the fun for the rest of the table. Also, a counterspell player can usually only counter a couple spells per round of turns so he can't deny everyone at once.

    Mass land destruction on the other hand can deny everyone at the table the opportunity to play spells. Because it is so frowned upon and unplayed, people usually do not prepare to fight against it and take for granted to ability to play huge 7+ cost spells. One Armageddon will leave heaps of unplayable spells in each of these players' hands. If the table is unprepared for it, a mass land destruction spell can drag a game out for an additional hour or more as players have to wait to draw up to four or five lands to start casting all of the bombs in their decks again.

    Obviously, the negative points I bring up about land destruction can have a reduced impact if people plan for it and lower the mana curves of their decks. However, one of the reasons many people like EDH is that it is one of the few formats where they get to actually play lots of dragons and other huge bombs that are just too slow for more competitive formats. That's why I say it's a matter of taste. Mass land destruction can be integrated into EDH and lead to interesting game play, but for many people it produces a game play experience that they don't want to deal with.