Monday, August 15, 2011

CommanderCast S3E12: Call-InFerno

Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
It's our second listener participation show! The Call-InFerno returns from season two with more of our mans from around the world being jammed into a Skype room to contribute to CommanderCast's ongoing audioscape adventure! I had the privileged of being joined by nine insightful/funny/awesome guests who volunteered their time and voice to help me craft a new episode of CommanderCast. This one went extremely well, with virtually no hiccups on the technical side. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

On a quick side note, I'll be at Canadian Nationals in Toronto this weekend. If you want to play some Commander, throat-punch me for something I said on the podcast, or just haggle for drugs, hit me up via e-mail or Twitter and let me know your intentions.


00:00 to 03:30: Intro: A brief explanation of what you're listening to.


Caller: Dominic
Topic: Flavour Decks
Caller: Austin
Topic: Monocoloured VS Polycoloured Decks
Caller: Uriah
Topic: Foils, Foiling, and Alternative Pimpology
Caller: Christian
Topic: International Magic
Caller: Eli
Topic: Sacrifice Outlet Secret Tech
Donovan's Suggestions: Krovikan Horror
Caller: Pat
Topic: Precons and Netdecking

Caller: Sean
Topic: Is Animar OP?
Caller: Matt
Topic: 1v1 Commander
Caller: Imshan
Topic: Playing Expensive Cards in Commander
1:39:28 to close: Outtro


  1. There is a guy who plays EDH in Portland Oregon who prints his own full art proxies of all his cards. He always sleeves the actual card behind his proxies, so he's not proxying to gain access to cards he doesn't have. He will also trade his proxies, depending on how much time went into it, etc. A lot of these have custom art, sometimes just a different zoom/crop from larger art of the card. They are usually just paper glue sticked on to a magic card, exacto knifed down to size. It is something he encouraged me to do, and I will probably try it. I have been printing my own oversized cards for my generals, and printing some for pretty much anyone who asks.

  2. On the "Theme Deck" discussion:

    My decks were also becoming too cutthroat, so I sought to make a janky bird deck that could still compete with all the other Spike decks in my playgroup. Somehow, I decided Angus Mackenzie was "the bird man," and the deck took off from there.

    It actually won surprisingly often, despite being mostly owls and other nonthreatening 1/1 fliers. But, y'know, when your deck evolves to be built around comboing with Dovescape and Aluren/Cloudstone Curio, the rest of the cards are just a smokescreen...

    That's right! In trying to make a weak janky theme deck, it eventually became the overly dominant combo deck that I was trying to move away from.

    Eventually I stripped it of all its combos and griefer pieces, but everyone remembered the "mean" version, so my "fair" version would get hated off tables and I wouldn't stand a chance. Lose/Lose. I ultimately dismantled the deck.

    Lesson: If you're going to make a fun janky theme deck around a sub-par tribe, STICK TO IT. No infinite combos, kthx.

  3. Related to playing in other locations, my Fiance "owed" me a game of Magic (from a trade for going shopping with her), so I was able to cash it in with a friend I was meeting to give a Commander Pre-Con I picked up. We played 4-way with him and his girlfriend at a coffee shop, where they have lots of board games and stuff with tables to play at. Then another friend caught wind of this and came about an hour late, flopped in (as described in your respawn magic episode) and nearly ran away with the game playing Scion of the Ur-Dragon. They managed to take him out, after he killed me, but all in all it was great fun, and the coffee shop provided better food and drinks, and better seating and a table for doing this than we could have gotten at either of our local card shops.

  4. About Animar,
    Maybe my local store is a harsher environment than online. I play at the same store as Matt. A decent number of people have tried Animar and all of them include the infinite engines and a ton of control. I think I saw an Animar deck win once and just been crushed dozens of times. I am sure there are good Animar decks out there, but I do not see it as top tier, let alone ban-worthy.

  5. Thanks for telling me I was breathing into my mic like an azmatic smoker guys. On top of chomping on chips while other people were talking. First experience with skype seems to be a failure maybe we can record on ventrillo next time. :-P

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  7. Awesome podcast once again! :) I just want to say thanks again to Sean McKeown for helping me with my Intet deck (now Riku) in his article. I am inclined to agree with him on the fact that talking about cool interactions can certainly inspire someone else to go try something out, but without completely copying a list. Sharing tech and such with each other is how we all learn new things and can have the format keep evolving. And...I also am inclined to agree about Animar, at least in the right (or wrong?) hands. There is a reason I chose to replace Intet with Riku and not Animar, and it's not because I think Riku is better. Animar just pushes you so much towards being competitive in your deck building (see Brine Elemental) and play (having to concede instead of comboing off) that the decks end up not only just running over people, but can lead to very seemingly noninteractive games that are no fun. Now, on the other hand...unlike Rofellos and Braids, you CAN build an Animar deck without it being broken. With the other two, it is nearly impossible to make a deck around them that is not busted. I don't think he should be banned...but I do think that he needs to be watched. He is teh nuts

  8. There were some awesome accents in this episode. Top notch ;-)

  9. You got help with a deck TaylorE? Carlos keeps emailing me all like, "are there any special considerations? I'm going to get around to it, I promise." I guess I need to hit up Sean. I'm playing Riku too, and I just put a bunch of busted stuff in there like Worldgorger Dragon and Wild Ricochet, but I think I'll either take that stuff out for more casual games, or let that be my own kind of "little black box" combo deck.

    Also, yeah, Eli, I heard someone eating chips and was like, "dude, can't SneakyFatKid7 stop eating for his interview?"

  10. Yep, this was the article he helped me out with

    It used to be super combo, but I decided to make it more casual...and it's a lot more fun now than it used to be. For reference, here is my current list

    Let me just saw that toolbox is so much more fun than comboing out and just winning...especially if you plan on playing the deck on a regular basis