Monday, March 14, 2011

CommanderCast S2E5: Knife Fights and Pro Wrestling

Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
CommanderCast is back with another ear-soothing saga of cards, mans, and the women who love them. Minus the last part (there's no girls on the internet!). On the mic this week spitting into this cipher of HOT FIRE, I am joined by Byron, Carlos (emerging from the Arcane Lab covered in... stuff), and newcomer Levi who is my new Japanese connect. Levi is a longtime listener and also has a pretty sweet accent, so you know that's a HUGE plus.

As a heads up, this is a 'canned episode' we recorded during the transition between seasons 1 and 2, so there's nothing time-sensitive or anything in here. Don't be expecting cutting-edge news or topics here, even if I did just get back from Pax East (which was awesome).


00:00 to 02:27: Intro: Andy, Byron, Carlos and our guest Levi say hello.

02:38 to 14:08: Free-For-All-Roundtable: Primeval Titan: We discuss Primeval Titan and it's impact on the Commander format. Is this card a positive influence on the format?

14:19 to 32:05: Community: Power vs Flavour: Lots of people talk about how they like EDH because their decks can be flavourful and funny, but the best cards are often well-recognized and acknowledged widely. So how important is it to break away from the auto-includes? How much do you prioritize your personal flavour over objectively powerful cards?

32:22 to 52:39: Strategy: Holding Your Answers: Do you play a Wrath to kill one creature that isn't attacking you? Guess what: that's bad. But we talk about this a little more in depth than just that last tidbit. How long should you hold onto your 'answer' cards, and how heavily valued should they be? What role does brinkmanship play in Commander?

52:53 to 54:19: Technology: Break My Card: It's our new thing on Twitter. STRICTLY for our followers there because before this our e-mail guys got all the love (and the contest). Here's how it works:
  • Once a week, I give you a single card. It can be anything.
  • You let me know how to use it via Twitter. It has to be in one Tweet. You can use short versions, abbreviations, and acronyms, but if I can't decipher them you're busted. You can't send a second tweet, e-mail, or telegraph to explain what you mean.
  • You have to tell me what Commander will be in charge of the deck the card is used in. After that, you can say whatever; a combo? Some synergies? The type of deck it works in best? It's up to you to do something awesome with the card. 
This week's card to break is PSYCHIC VORTEX.
54:35 to 75:40: Technology: Secret Tech: Levi Edition: Levi is hurling hidden gems like ninja stars up in this piece. Unless normal thrown weapons, don't duck! You want THIS wisdom to be wedged directly into your brain.

Commons: Relic Crush, Detainment Spell, Evolution Charm
Uncommons: Lim-Dul's Vault, Fatestitcher, Hoarder's Greed
Rares: Void, Tsabo's Web, Renegade Doppelganger

75:54 to closing: Outtro.

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  1. Regarding holding your answers. I was playing a control Selenia deck with a hand full of answers I didn't use because the other players seemed to be beating each other senseless. But then one of the players, a mono black control deck, cast Exsanguinate and pretty much killed everyone else, then dealt with me handedly and my stored up removal wasn't enough. Just a word to the wise . . . laying low doesn't always mean you're going to get a chance to sweep in for a victory. That game forever changed my mind on the long-held tradition of "don't do anything if it isn't happening to you".