Monday, March 7, 2011

CommanderCast S2E4: Make Your Own Rules

Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
In a VERY SPECIAL CommanderCast episode we've managed to track down Alex, aka Ban Ki-Moon, who is a member of the mysterious and quite possibly treacherous Commander Rules Committee. When he agreed to come on the show, we asked around for what you guys wanted to know about the RC... and today we're asking your questions (along with a few of our own). I was worried about his fabled RC school internet techniques, so I brought Adam, Donovan and Byron as human shields. They proved to be pretty good in discussion as well as protecting my person, which is valuable knowledge.

Of course that's not all we're up to this week. We're also talking to Alex about theme decks, as he is rolling with perhaps the most ballinest EDH theme deck in recent history, the H.P. Lovecraft Adventure deck. There's some other typical stuff in here too. You probably know how we roll at this point.

Show notes and links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 04:13: Intro: The same introductions and podcast news that we've done every show up until now.

04:25 to 27:18: Community: Rules Committee Q&A: We got your questions and are now asking them. This is not a complex procedure. If we don't get around to your question, it was either because it was super similar to another one we did ask (this was the case with many questions), or we didn't have time, so don't be offended. Either way, Alex has agreed to show up again later for another round of Q&A.

27:28 to 41:14: Community: Theme Decks: Whether it's art, narrative, tribal or mechanical, theme decks are an interesting way to switch up your decks and give you a new, creative angle to approach the format from. In this segment, we're discussing ideas on building them. providing reasons why you should bother, and then brainstorming concepts for themes.

41:30 to 65:26: Strategy: False Idols: Value Engines: Adam has been thinking a lot lately that people are making their engines into 'value treadmills', where they draw cards and ramp into drawing more draw and ramp. He's proposing that maybe instead of following the conventional wisdom, you should try putting some more pressure cards into your decks. This will be a now recurring segment where we'll be debunking (or at least providing alternatives to) common mindlessly-parroted theories on multiplayer MtG.
65:38 to 86:23: Technology: Secret Tech: Alex Edition: Alex is making his own rules in Secret Tech this week, decreeing that Aether Flash is no longer Uncommon in EDH. Well, not for real but you'll understand when you listen.

86:34 to closing: Outtro.

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  1. Alex came out with 3 of each: Amnesia is actually a rare. Double fail = Win!

  2. Amnesia's a rare in Master's Edition online, but irl it's always been uncommon.

  3. Amnesia is certainly not secret tech out here in Osaka. At least once at every large event (300+ w/ side events) I get blown out by it. Funny thing is, I don't play combo and am generally not in the strongest position when I get hosed by it. It's like the Japanese can tap into my ancestral memories of playing when The Dark was out and knowing that I won't have to read the card and I'll just toss my hand meekly away.

    Maybe next time I should just pack Omen of Fire!


  4. Didn't mean that post to sound like I was hating on Alex's choice because after all, every meta is different. It's a fine choice, though I don't really like giving blue players even more tools to hose my game with :p.

    Also +1 for Pyrohemia and Pestilence :D.