Monday, July 18, 2011

S3E8: Liquid Swords

Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
Nobody likes mono-blue decks, mono-blue players, and cards that are best in mono-blue. Subsequently, I don't think anybody will like this podcast. The contents are all mono-blue, with the exception of the final segment, which is still all about blue cards. I'd like to apologize to our listeners for supplying such an inherently unlikable podcast. Myself, Byron, Carlos and guest Neale aka Wrongwaygoback accept full responsibility for producing this travesty. Neale has volunteered to accept the hatemail, as well as physical attacks in the real.

If you think you can stomach listening to a bunch of boring mono-blue crap, show notes are below. Try to enjoy it, I guess.

00:00 to 04:00: Intro: Introducing the podcast, your hosts, and a brief rundown of podcast news for the week.


04:12 to 18:25: The Mono-Blue Boogeyman: So I already went over the fact that everyone hates Blue. Here, we're discussing whether the hate is deserved. Is mono-blue really THAT oppressive? When is blue GOOD for everyone? How much of this reputation is created by playing broken telephone with other players, and how much is based from experience in the real?


18:38 to 39:18: Mono-Blue: We are here to help you oppress your play group. Not only do we go over why you should use blue to destroy the souls of everyone at the table, but we also review blue's soft spots so you can be careful to minimize them.


39:30 to 56:45: Mono-Blue Technology: These are some cards people might not hate enough in your playgroup yet.

Carlos's Picks:
Andy's Pick:
Byron''s Picks:
Neale's Picks:

56:55 to 1:19:30: Most Obnoxious Blue Cards: Here's a list of blue cards that lots of people already hate. If you've never seen them before, you'll probably hate them by the end of the segment (Teferi = dick).

Andy's Picks:
Teferi, from SpainRhystic Study
Byron's Picks:
Shared Fate, Capsize
Carlos' Picks:
Neale's Picks:
Jin-Gitaxis, Telepathy

1:19:57 to closing: Outtro.

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  1. Mono-Blue.. the great enemy. The phantom menace, to cite an equally annoying film. Excellent job running-down the most aggravating blue cards in Commander. I have a question for Andy: sir, in the past you have mentioned your hatred for planewalkers. Do you hate the concept of pw, or just the existing cards? Can you conceive of a planewalker design which you would endorse? What would such a planeswalker look like?

  2. I think planeswalkers are a bad concept. They not only warp the game, but they're also straight-up hamfisted marketing shoved directly into the game and made into powerful and functionally unique cards. The mechanic is so different from all the other permanent types and their influence on the game is so strong, they feel like they were ported from a different game. An apparent desire to never print adequate hate cards for them certainly doesn't help.

    Since I dislike PWs on principle, I doubt they'll ever make one that will change my mind. I use them because they're powerful and useful, but I still hate the concept and execution.

  3. Good ep, thanks for fixing grammar in a certain article..


    El Taco the Rogue