Monday, May 30, 2011

CommanderCast S3E1: The RePodcastening

Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
A new season of CommanderCast is upon us. I have returned, accompanied by Byron, Carlos and Donovan for our season premiere. We're running a bit longer than usual this episode; since we've been away for a while, everyone had lots to say. I also figure this should at least help make up for the absence for the true CommanderCast fiends out there shaking and scratching looking for a hit of EDH podcasting goodness.

But this is only the beginning of the season. I've got some pretty slick stuff planned for Season 3. We've already recorded a few episodes preemptively and things are shaping up nicely. As always I'd like to thank everyone who remembers we're still doing this stuff at the end of the three-week break and comes back for more. Without y'all, I'm just some asshole talking to myself into the internet.

Enough with introductions, though. LETS GET IT

00:00 to 06:06: Intro: A quick rundown of what this is, why you might want to listen, and who it is that's yelling at you.


06:14 to 10:18: Season 3 Contest: You know how we do it here at CommanderCast. I figured we might as well jump off with the third contest right off the bat. This Season, we're doing a Sharpie Alter contest. Think you have the mad skillz with the markers and vandalization? Put your talent to the test in our new contest!

10:25 to 11:34: Deckbuilding Challenge: White Borders Only SON: On last Season's Call-In Show, my man Jars proposed building a white-border only deck. Perhaps the ugliest idea ever, yes, but an intriguing concept nonetheless. You know my man Carlos can't refuse any idea this good/bad, so it's become the core of the new Deckbuilding Challenge. Be sure to vote on the origin set of his Commander for this abomination int he upper-left corner!

11:42 to 43:00: Mailbag: We get a good amount of feedback at CommanderCast. E-mails, Tweets, and comments on various pages do not go ignored. Here we're publicly responding to some of the communiques y'all have sent to us.


43:11 to 1:01:11: Game Start Turn 5: Commander games are often characterized as slow, lumbering behemoths, where unweildly builds can be considered the norm and cards that cost less than three mana and don't make more mana are considered out of place. So when my man obsidiandice asked "What are you doing before turn 5?", I figured I wanted to bite his topic idea as it's something I've been thinking a lot about. What kind of early pressure is ok? When are you going too fast for others? A general discussion on early game strategy.

1:01:23 to 1:17:12: Hated Out: The Usual Suspects: We all know their names. Some of us have had the pleasure/misery of playing against them, or perhaps you're crushed some tables with their monolithic power. Zur, Arcum, Sharuum, and company.. the top-tier "douschebag" generals. Why do people hate them so? How can you counter their strategies?


1:17:22 to 1:24:50: Over//Under: Skullclamp vs Alternatives: One of the dumbest mistakes in modern Magic history, Skullclamp is rightly regarded as one of the most powerful draw engines in Commander. But is it mandatory? Carlos doesn't think so. In fact, we're here proposing that you consider alternatives before going to the default choice in any deck.
1:25:00 to 1:49:34: SUPER Secret Tech: This is Secret Tech as you know and love it. No surprises here.

Donovan's Picks:
Skred, Goblin Lore, Shard Phoenix

Andy's Picks:
Primal Growth, Rix Maadi, the Dungeon Palace, Noetic Scales

Carlos's Picks:

Martyr of Sands, Mortarpod, Knollspine Dragon

Byron's Picks:
Rancor, Ravenous Trap, Molder Slug

1:49:43 to closing: Outtro.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my comment regarding Placeholder Proxies on the 'cast. It was a fun surprise while driving.

    And, no, I really don't use sleeves because I'm too lazy (except to distinguish my generals), and, yes, this causes consternation to opponents when I ripple shuffle my Scion of the Ur-Dragon deck with all 10 duals (unlimited/revised).

    If I could think of anything hilarious about Underground Sea (and if I could draw) I'd enter one in the sharpie-alter contest.