Monday, April 18, 2011

CommanderCast S2E10: Guest Spot Recursion

Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
CommanderCast is doing another CHEAP PROMOTIONAL CROSSOVER with Mr. Scotty Mac from the Eh Team, just like last season's episode 10 installment. I also brought Carlos and Byron along to form like Voltron and assemble into a singlular entity of knowledge-spewing, audi-producing, podcast-publishing excellence.

The Season 2 Contest has also come to an end! If you didn't get your entry in before I posted this, WHY DID YOU WAIT SO LONG!? Anyway, stay tuned for the upcoming CIRCLE OF JUDGMENT and announcement of the contest winner! Remember, we're not only slinging out a sick custom card altered by my man Derfington, but you could also win a vandalized card by none other than myself in the style of Malfegor, the Flying V!
Finally, the upper-left corner holds the final restriction for Carlos' Deckbuilding Challenge; a choice of general! Make your vote count in this historic event in Commander deckbuilding (cough).

Show notes and links below. Enjoy.

00:00 to 02:42: Intro: We are introducing ourselves, providing a bit of a preview to the Mid-Week Update, and a reminder about the contest.

05:29 to 24:24Community: Deckbuilding Challenge: Pick the general for Carlos' upcoming deck!

05:29 to 24:24Community Spotlight: drrob132's List Thingy!: In an amazing bit fo work done out of the pure goodness of his heart, drrob132 has compiled over 1500 decks from MtG: Salavation's Commander forums into a single downloadable file! This .zip file contains these decks in the .dec format, usable in Apprentice and Cockatrice. Check it out!

02:52 to 05:18: Community: Netdecking: With the dawn of the webternets, we saw the rise of th 'net decking' phenomenon. How does this impact Commander, as a format? Is the internet a good place to get deck advice? What are the ups and downs, and where does the stigma of the 'net decker' come from?

25:43 to 39:07: Strategy: Archetype Rundown: The Rock/Attrition: Scott is a local celebrity when it comes to attrition strategies with his Teneb, the Harvester deck. I thought I might as well pick his brain about it while he's up in this piece.
56:14 to 72:53: Technology: Hands-On Review: Scars of Mirrodin: Armed with adequate experience, we are now reviewing Scars of Mirrodin. "But Andy, this is mad late!" True, but it's also based on real experience instead of speculation and theorycraft. Anyway, we all listed a card that lived up to expectations, a card that was a big old flop, and a card that is surprisingly good.

Byron's Picks: Skithiryx is really sweet, Argentum Armor was a dud, and Steel Hellkite surpassed expecations
Carlos' Picks: Venser, the Sojourner met the hype, Asceticism flopped, and Nim Deathmantle is the best thing ever (even better than air)
Scott's Picks: Genesis Wave worked out, Sword of Body and Mind didn't, Kuldotha Forgemaster surprised him
Andy's Picks: Exsanguinate is obviously good, Hoard-Smelter Dragon was less-obviously-not-good, Culling Dias is a hidden gem
81:55 to closing: Outtro.

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  1. The more and more I listen to your show, I realize how brilliant Andy is as a show host to keep everything together! Cutis. This was a really great episode.

    Yours Dominik

  2. Either you have low standard or I need to get me some Larry King suspenders.

  3. Nice show.

    About the set review... you're right that a super early set review is not necessarily accurate, since we haven't had a chance to play with the cards. But I still think wild speculation is incredibly fun. And hey, it takes balls to say "This is going to be the best EDH card in the set.", knowing that it could end up being a total dud. That's what listeners want to hear! (Okay, perhaps I'm only speaking for myself). Of course, you could do a set re-review several months down the line. Then you could look back at your picks and brag about how right you were, (or make excuses for how wrong you were).

  4. defenitly go with the suspenders... and show them off in your pofile picture! ;-)

    I'm not attempting to glorify you, man. I rather wanted to point out how well you preform as a host. In oder, you let the guests talk and rather moderate than insist in makeing your own points. Which is often something the hosts of a show do not enough, as their own ego doesn't permit them fall into the background from time to time and let the others take over.

  5. All those people voting for Lyzolda make me sad. Way too easy to build around, Carlos will just knock this challenge out in less time than it takes Giant Shark to go into a FEEDING FRENZY! My vote goes to Axelrod for being old school but Tsabo gets points for style.

    As for the whole deckbuilding thing, I am Johnny Suitcase. I roll with 8 decks to any given event and love loaning them out and getting reactions on my builds. I've even seen a really skilled player that hadn't seen my deck before pilot it better than I ever had. It did make him into "that guy" for the rest of the night but he was cool with that.

    Love the 'cast, so keep it coming!


  6. Glenn, I'd normally agree with you, but building Lyzolda for under $40 means staying away from generically good "staples" like Grave Pact that normally comprise 70% of "sacrifice" themed decks.

    That at least makes it vaguely unique and interesting.

  7. Carlos I believe you are Joking, Grave Pakt is literally 0,15 cents.

  8. Well, the fact that Grave Pact sits at $5.00 on the median price at does present somewhat of a challenge due to the budget restriction, this is true. At least Goblin Bombardment will make the cut.

    I fully expect Grave Pact to show up in the Commander decks coming out this summer, so hopefully that will lower its price some.

  9. Crazy... that really suprised me! It also is about 2,50 € in europe. I just checked the
    which is the main selling place for magic cards in europe.

    Dominik S. from