Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CommanderCast S2E1: Back In The Game

Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
EXPLODING into action, CommanderCast is back on deck for another season of all things EDH! Following the act of last season will be difficult, but I think my (rapidly expanding) team is up to the task. We have some very ambitious ideas on the go for this set of episodes, and will be trying to keep all our listeners informed on what's brewing. As usual, your feedback is what keeps the show moving forward, so don't hesitate to follow some of the contact information at the end of the show to let us know what's what.

For our season two premiere, I am rolling deep with Carlos, Adam and Donovan. In a slightly expended podcast we are visiting topics ranging from rage-quits to cards from The Dark. Secret Tech makes another triumphant return with a new format (don't worry, the old style will return with each guest host). As always, the show notes below will guide you on an adventure of spiritual and scholastic growth as we yell at you for about an hour and a half.

Show notes and pertinent links below. Enjoy.


00:00 to 06:11: Intro: Andy, Carlos, Adam and Donovan introduce themselves, discuss the mid-week update, and talk about the podcast as a sort of re-introduction for any new listeners.

06:19 to 17:24: Free-For-All-Roundtable: Blightsteel Colossus: We are a bit late tot he party on this one, but since everyone was talking about it we figured we'd better chime in on what is undoubtedly Mirrodin Besieged's most controversial EDH card.

35:29 to 54:33: Community: Metagame Strategies: Whether you call it a 'rage quit' or 'tactical concession', 'bluffing' or 'lying', 'threatening' or 'signaling', there are a variety of out-of-game tactics that can be employed my Magic players. In Commander where social dynamics and politics are crucial these are amplified. Opinions vary widely on what is considered acceptable or what qualifies as an asshole move. We're putting in some work on the topic.

56:44 to 67:18: Strategy: Archetype Rundown: Chaos Decks: Can you put Grip of Chaos in a deck for any good reason? How can you make this kind of deck work for you? Is this really a griefer strategy, or is there more behind the archetype? Donovan takes us into the Eye of the Storm of Chaos deck strategy in this primer!

54:52 to 59:22: Strategy: Legendary Plays: In a new highly requested segment, we discuss some crazy or noteworthy plays that have happened in our group--but always with a lesson to be learned for all involved. This week, Adam is regaling us with a tale of greed, grave robbing, and loose sphinxes while Andy's theme is murdering Echo Mages.

59:36 to 61:16: Technology: Break My Card: It's our new thing on Twitter. STRICTLY for our followers there because before this our e-mail guys got all the love (and the contest). Here's how it works:
  • Once a week, I give you a single card. It can be anything.
  • You let me know how to use it via Twitter. It has to be in one Tweet. You can use short versions, abbreviations, and acronyms, but if I can't decipher them you're busted. You can't send a second tweet, e-mail, or telegraph to explain what you mean.
  • You have to tell me what Commander will be in charge of the deck the card is used in. After that, you can say whatever; a combo? Some synergies? The type of deck it works in best? It's up to you to do something awesome with the card. 
This week's card to break is OOZE GARDEN.
61:32 to 90:58: Technology: SUPER Secret Tech: In Super Secret Tech, each host is running down a common, uncommon, and rare of their choice that is considered underrepresented in Commander. The choices are then discussed in a brief roundtable format. The standard Secret Tech format will return with each guest host.

Adam's Picks: Withdraw, Complicate, Elemental Appeal
Carlos' Picks: Tilling Treefolk, Betrayal of Flesh, Worm Harvest
Andy's Picks: Envelop, Suffer the Past, City of Shadows
Donovan's Picks: Grim Harvest, Palladium Myr, Hurkyl's Recall

91:16 to closing: Outtro.

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Also, as a special bonus... Next Level Custom Cards from Sandreline! Check this hotness out!


  1. Excellent podcast, do you happen to have a sample UR Chaos list? I would love to build one myself and a baseline would be fantastic.

  2. Hey guys, great podcast, keep it up !

  3. Sweet! A new season!

    I wholeheartedly disagree with the notion that all Commander players ought to have victory as their primary objective, as I think it was Donovan stated, and are in some way wasting his time. Sure games have rules and aren't toys, but surely even a sport, like tennis for example, can be played aggressively or can be played casually where the goal is not necessarily victory; rather, those who are engaged in the activity have social reasons.

    Personally, I never have won a game and that has impacted my deck card choice where I play to have fun and be interactive more than to just win.

  4. Hey guys, just wanted to say two quick things:

    1) Welcome back, we've missed you.

    2) Your download link for this episode points to Ep 13...

    Anyway, I'm a bit behind, still have like 2 more episodes to catch up on from last season... can't wait until I'm current again!

  5. Thanks for the catch, internet archive has a strange interface and I'm easily confused to begin with.

  6. @Joey - You still looking for a UB Chaos list? Here's a link to one, not my own, but it's a starting point:

    BONUS: Here's another one, looks similar, but might be helpful...

  7. @DarkThaumaturge
    Yes that is exactly what I was looking for, thank you :)

  8. hidden gems:
    C-Elven Cache(better than Nature's Spiral)
    U-Armageddon Clock(just fun watching people make that decision to tap out to take of a counter.)
    R-Quirion Druid(great in Glissa the Traitor w/ Executioner's Capusule.)

    Underplayed General
    Merieke Ri Berit-She is Awesome

    Overplayed General
    Momir Vig-Have 3 people playing him where I play, and its a battle for who gets to play their Momir.

    Kemba(Voltron Single Player Build)/Oona(Conrol MultiPlayer Build)