Monday, November 1, 2010

CommanderCast Episode 01: PREQUELS INCOMING

Posted by ANDY aka GHoooSTS
 In their first episode Andy and Byron manage to stumble like piss-drunk sorority pledges though almost two hours of EDH discussion. Listen and berate them at your leisure! As our first podcast we appreciate any feedback you can get to us, and are very interested in fostering community involvement. If you would like to guest host, have an interesting piece of EDH writing or media somewhere on the web, or like yelling into a mic and pretending to be important, you've come to the right place.

Show links and notes below. Enjoy.

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00:00 to 01:55: Host introductions. Get to know Andy and Byron, even though you have no interest (probably).

01:56 to 06:19: Podcast introduction. A rundown of why we started the podcast and what we plan to do with it.

06:20 to 30:21: Community Segment. We examine the place of the Rules Committee ban list, local play group ban lists, the ups and downs of variations on both, and general thoughts on bannings, consistency of rules, and how universal a format EDH really is.

30:22 to 32:08: Community Spotlight. Zimagic's EDH Blog at EDH or "How I learned to stop worrying and love the bombs." An outstanding EDH blog, give it a look!

32:22 to 71:13: Strategy Segment: Questions and Answers (following baller-ass orchestral introduction). A scatter shot look at different threats and outside-the-box attack angles and how to prepare your decks for them. Topics of discussion include spot land destruction, graveyard hate, and some other corner case questions and answers.

71:22 to 98:47: Technology Segment: SECRET TECH. Andy and Byron each give 3 commons, uncommons, and rares that they see as being under-represented in the format. Andy looks like a dick since half the cards he chooses are apparently super popular. Byron escapes unscathed.
Byron's Sick Ass Picks:
Commons: Dreamscape Artist, Fertilid, Recoil
Uncommons: Saltblast, Enslave, Wilderness Elemental
Rares: Omen of FireBrooding Saurian, Conquering Manticore
Andy's Half Ass Picks: 
Commons: Mystic RemoraSprouting VinesDevout Witness
Uncommons: Voidmage Husher, Shatterstorm, concur about Enslave
Rares: Cauldron of Souls, Spitting Image, Cabal Conditioning

98:48 to 113:41: Technology Segment: Over//Under. Byron gives a critical look to Kresh the Bloodbraided as a widely popular general, pointing out why you might want to leave your bloodthirsty barbarian at home. He then gives our main man and lord of turbulent waters Wrexial, the Risen Deep some shine. Be warned: level of praise approaches bromance (I think he's a guy anyway).

113:42 to closing: Outtro. Giving out some contact information.

  • General Show Contact:
  • To E-Mail Andy: (complaints here)
  • To E-Mail Byron: (praise here)


  1. Great first 'cast! I'm definitely looking forward to the next! The secret tech segment was really good. With so many cards, it's great to have recommendations that you've never heard of or just don't remember.

    Will you be doing any EDH deck doctor segments? Also, do you have a Facebook page for the podcast yet?

  2. Hi Omar,

    Thanks for the compliments. We're totally down with all kinds of segments, so doing a deck doctoring thing is definitely possible. Do you have a deck in mind? I wouldn't let my greasy hands molest a decklist as all I'm going to do is ruin it up with stupid cards like Bullwhip but Byron might be legitimately helpful.

    As far as Facebook, not yet. I'm one of the four people without a Facebook account and don't know anything about it. It might come someday. I'm still figuring out my Zack Morris cell phone.

  3. I'd be happy to have my current Rasputin deck looked over if you guys find it interesting.


  4. Funny story;

    Ken Nagle designed Wrexial not just for EDH in particular, but because he hates Time Stretch and people who play it, so Wrexial was designed specifically as the anti-Time Stretch for the format.

    Between Wrexial and Knowledge Exploitation, I think there's legitimate grounds not to auto-include the card in a blue deck.